JOIN NOW - Nova Scotia Public Player

Join Now – Nova Scotia Public Players

Join the NSGA and Golf Canada if you are a public player and enjoy a virtual membership. It is just like any other club except it is not attached to a physical golf course and members typically play golf at public and semiprivate play facilities. Membership is open to any golfer, regardless of age or gender, as long as they reside in Nova Scotia and are unaffiliated with a golf club. Your membership is valid for one year from the date of purchase on a rolling basis.


Your NSGA/Golf Canada membership means you are part of the largest and most vibrant golf community in the country, supporting Golf in Schools, Team Nova Scotia, Team Canada and other good for the game programs.

  • NSGA/Golf Canada membership and personalized membership card
  • An official Golf Canada Handicap Factor, recognized worldwide
  • IGN membership for linking scoring records in the USA and Canada
  • Ability to enter NSGA and Golf Canada championships
  • Ability to play in club and open events requiring an official Handicap Factor
  • Subscription to the Golf Canada Magazine
  • eNewsletters from NSGA and Golf Canada
  • Global Golf Post – Weekly Digital Golf Magazine
  • Online member profile and game tracking ability
  • Search capabilities for courses and events throughout Canada
  • Golf Canada Equipment guarantee to cover you if your clubs are lost or stole
  • Equipment Identification system to protect you from losing your clubs, head covers, range finders and more (but we can’t help with losing your golf balls – yet)
  • 25% off RBC Canadian Open Tickets and 20% off Canadian Pacific Women’s Open Tickets
  • 10% discount in the Golf Canada e-store.
  • Preferred rate with MCT Insurance for all NSGA Members

Members can record acceptable scores, view their scoring records and maintain an official Golf Canada Handicap Factor from any computer that has internet access anywhere in the world. Members can also view the scoring records of any other NSGA and Golf Canada members who are using the Golf Canada Score Centre as part of the peer review process. In addition to recording and viewing scores on the Golf Canada Score Centre, members have a secure communication program, game tracking abilities, information on clubs across North America and an event calendar that includes leagues and tournaments.



The NSGA and Golf Canada look forward to representing both established and new member facilities. We are committed to promoting participation and excellence in the sport of golf. As a member club you are helping to grow the game by supporting programs for all golfers. This means you are helping to promote and grow the game, inspire our youth and create better golf experiences and a bright future for the sport.

The membership dollars that you contribute on behalf of each member of your club are extremely valuable. With your support we are actively conducting tournaments from higher-handicapped events to Provincial and National championships, and are promoting programs and services to help shape the present and future of golf in Nova Scotia. As the Provincial Sport Organization for golf in the Nova Scotia, the NSGA administers the Rules of Golf, Handicapping and Course Rating on behalf of Golf Canada. Your NSGA / Golf Canada membership means you are part of the largest and most vibrant golf community in the country. We want to hear from you about success stories at your club that we can share with the membership; whether it be a rapidly growing junior program, or a successful league.




  • Break 100
  • Break 90
  • Break 80
  • Hole in One
  • Golf Canada Net Pin Award – for the overall low net winner at a Member’s Club Championship only one pin is awarded per year to a club.
  • Golf Canada Pin Round Award – one pin is given to the winner from their pin day competitions. If the club has more than one league (e.g. morning ladies and business ladies) they can be given pins for each league.
  • Greatest Reduction in Handicap

Please note that these pins are awarded to women only.

How to Order Pins:

Please contact anne@nsga.ns.ca for pin orders



The NSGA and Golf Canada are passionate about growing the game of golf in this country. Introducing women to the game and providing them with opportunities to develop their skills is an integral part of Golf Canada’s efforts to foster female participation nationwide. Golf Fore the Cure presented by Subaru is one of those opportunities.

Golf Fore the Cure presented by Subaru

The Golf Fore the Cure program, presented by Subaru, is the largest national grassroots female recreational golf program in Canada. The program was created to grow women’s participation in the game of golf by introducing them to the sport through fun, non-intimidating activities, while also featuring unique partnerships with the Canadian Cancer Society and the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation that add awareness and fundraising components to support the fight against breast cancer.

With the help of volunteers from across the country, the Golf Fore the Cure program has exposed more than 100,000 women to the game of golf and raised $6.4 million dollars in support of breast cancer research initiatives over the past eight years.

The Golf Fore the Cure program is all about using the sheer power of women playing the game of golf to make a difference.

The annual Golf Fore the Cure campaign culminates in a National Event that recognizes the outstanding efforts of female golfers from across the country. It is a celebration of the success of the entire Golf Fore the Cure campaign and it recognizes all those that have contributed to a future without breast cancer. In September, individuals, friends, and corporate teams come together to enjoy a great day of golf, food and camaraderie.

For more information and to fund-raise online, click here, or contact:

1-800-263-0009 x495

A portion of entry fees for the GFTC Ladies Team Classic is donated directly to the Golf Fore the Cure Program

Why Run a Golf Fore the Cure Event?

  • Golf Canada and Subaru continue to offer this program at no cost to you
  • Funds raised at each event can be allocated to help fund breast cancer support and information programs within your community
  • Receive a free event kit with prizes, signage and all necessary tournament materials
  • Join the Canadian Cancer Society in the fight against breast cancer and contribute to this meaningful cause that touches thousands of women each year

When and Where Can I Register?

Golf Fore the Cure presented by Subaru event registration is now open for the 2019 season. Register your site and secure your event date by clicking here.



Golf Canada Foundation Scholarships The Golf Canada Foundation is the leading source for golf philanthropy in Canada, awarding more than $2.5 million in grants and scholarships since 1982. The Foundation’s mission is to support and promote programs that increase participation in golf by engaging players of all ages and abilities across the country.

Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation The Pat Fletcher Scholarship Foundation is a charitable organization that grants post-secondary scholarships to deserving young Canadians who show an ability as golfers. And while the Foundation focuses its efforts on reaching out to young people with an interest and ability in golf, the Foundation does not exist to only empower young golfers to become better golfers. The Foundation exists to empower young golfers to become better people – champions of their generation. Since the foundation’s inception in 1985, they have awarded 393 scholarships to young Canadian golfers, helping them to reach their highest potential, not only in golf, but in life. And, with the help of friends and supporters such as you, they look forward to building on that number.

The Murray Purcell Bursary is no longer available.




Greatest Reduction in Handicap

The NSGA no longer provides Greatest Reduction in Handicap as a provincial award. We do have Greatest Reduction in Handicap Pins that can be purchased, and presented to individuals by the Member Clubs. To order awards or information on determining Greatest Reduction in Handicap please contact Anne at 902-468-8844 (ex.2) or anne@nsga.ns.ca