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Golf Nova Scotia (GNS) is the governing body of golf in Nova Scotia. Representing approximately 15,000 members and 58 facilities across the province. Recognized by Sport Nova Scotia as the Provincial Sport Organization, Golf Nova Scotia’s mission is to develop the future of golf in Nova Scotia while upholding the traditions of the game.

Golf Nova Scotia conducts multiple sport development programs and services for its members and member facilities, including grassroots to high-performance programming; rules, handicapping, and course rating training and implementation; as well as multiple Provincial Championships annually.

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Golf Nova Scotia is excited to present a new Strategic Plan to guide our efforts over the next three years. This plan combines stakeholder opinion, professional guidance, and the dedication of a robust committee to plan out the strategy of GNS for the next few years.

Vision: Golf for All

Mission: To promote participation, inclusion, and excellence in the great game of golf for all Nova Scotians

Values: Inclusive, Innovative, Integrity

Click here for the full Strategic Plan.


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    Catherine Beaton
    President (Antigonish Golf Club)
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    Geoff Baker
    Past President (Ashburn Golf Club)
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    Kent Rodgers
    Vice President (Brightwood Golf & Country Club)
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    Jill MacDonald
    2nd Vice President (Glen Arbour Golf Course)
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    Mitchell Coady
    Finance Chair (Oakfield Golf & Country Club)
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    Al Munroe
    Director at Large
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    Kathy Powers
    Director at Large (Bluenose Golf Club)
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    Shari Gagnon
    Director at Large (KenWo Country Club)
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    Sean Stuart
    Director at Large (Ashburn Golf Club)
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    Patrick Jackson
    Director At Large (Ashburn Golf Club)
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    Rob Prescott
    Director At Large (Granite Springs Golf Club)
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    Dr. Lori Dithurbide
    Director At Large (Ashburn Golf Club)




  • Presidents
    1930-1939; 1947-2022

    1930 – Frank Leslie Lewis, Truro GC
    1931 – Col. S.S. Wetmore, Gorsebrook GC
    1932 – Otto Herbert Foshay, Ken-Wo GC
    1933 – George Edgar Graham, Ken-wo GC
    1934 – Col. Alfred Nagle Jones,
    1935 – Dr. Harry Osborne Harding, Yarmouth GC
    1936 – Thomas Edward Grindon Lynch, Digby GC
    1937 – Col. Charles Hugh LePailleur Jones, Liverpool GC
    1938 – Major David Herbert Williams, Ashburn GC

    1939-1945 – Operations suspended (WW2)
    1946-1947 – George Staples Moffat, Ashburn GC
    1948 – Joseph Dennis Collins, Amherst GC
    1949-1951 – William Tennant Kellock, Lingan GC

    1951-1953 – Professor Harold G. “Babe” Beazley, Brightwood GC
    1953-1955 – Judge Robert Faulkner MacLellan, Truro GC
    1955-1957 – Gerald Patrick “Brud” McKenna, Brightwood GC
    1957-1959 – Wally Knock, Bluenose GC
    1959-1960 – Edwin Harvey “Eddie” Crowell, Ashburn GC

    1960-1962 – Dennis Sutherland, Lingan GC
    1962-1963 – Robert Johnson Harvey, Brightwood GC
    1963-1965 – M. Ron Morehouse, Ken-Wo GC
    1965-1967 – J. Doane Hallett, Ashburn GC
    1967-1969 – Harold E. “Casey” Power, Truro GC

    1969-1971 – Charles R. “Chuck” Mitchell, Ashburn GC
    1971-1972 – Peter Hope, Brightwood GC
    1973 – Al Fox, Bluenose GC
    1974 – Donald “Piper” MacMillan, Lingan GC
    1975 – Merrill Rawding , Liverpool GC
    1976 – Owen Ritcey, Brightwood GC
    1977 – Gordon Tidman, Paragon GC
    1978 – Cliff Lowrey, Lingan GC
    1978-1980 – Bob Wong, Abercrombie GC

    1980-1981 – C.D. “Bucky” Snow, Digby GC
    1981-1982 – Warman Castle, Northumberalnd GC
    1982-1983 – Clyde Weldin, Truro GC
    1983-1984 – Ken MacDonald, Lingan GC
    1984-1985 – Hugh F. Urquhart, Eden GC
    1985-1986 – Dennis MacDonald, Brightwood GC
    1986-1987  Dr. Julius Comeau, Clare GC
    1987-1988 – Jim Brown, Bridgewater GC
    1988-1989 – Jack Coffin, Oakfield GC
    1989-1990 – Robert “Toomey” MacPherson, Lingan GC

    1990-1991 – David Reid, Paragon GC
    1991-1992 – Brian Gordon, Northumberalnd GC
    1992-1993 – Austin Stiles, Bridgewater GC
    1993-1994 – Tom McCarthy, Ashburn GC
    1994-1995 – Alvin Sinclair, Abercrombie GC
    1995-1996 – W.C. “Bill” MacMillan, Hartlen Point GC
    1996-1997 – Garth Leighton, Avon Valley, GC
    1997-1998 – Robert Zinck, Greenwood GC
    1998-1999 – Fred Kenney, Paragon GC
    1999-2000 – Dwight Jones, Amherst GC

    2000-2001 – Binney Leslie, River Oaks GC
    2001-2002 – Roland Deveau, Clare GC
    2002-2004 – David Henderson, Abercrombie GC* 

    • The NSGA/NSLGA approved a merger of the two Associations at Ken-Wo GC, on Sunday, 5 December , 2004, to take effect mid-night, 31 December 2004. Bill 143, An Act to Dissolve the Ladies Golf Association of Nova Scotia and to Repeal Chapter 128 of the Acts of 1973, The Ladies Golf Association of Nova Scotia Act was passed by the Legislature on October 18, 2004. 
    • The first President of the amalgamated bodies was 

    2004-2006 – John McLeod, Grandview GC
    2006-2008 – Sue Rait, Fox Hollow GC
    2008-2010 – Peter Cooke, Avon Valley GC

    2010-2012 – Doug McEwan, 14 Wing CFB Greenwood
    2012-2013 – Val Gillis, Mountain Golf CC
    2013-2014 – John Horton, Ken-Wo CC
    2014-2015 – Shirley d’Entremont, West Pubnico GC 2016
    2015-2016 – Ernest Muise, Clare GC
    2016-2018 – Garry Beattie, Ashburn GC
    2018-2020 – David Acker, Ken Wo GC

    2020-2021 – Wendy Sentner, NSPPC

    2021-2022 – David Bolton, Ken Wo GC

    2022-2023 – Geoff Baker, Ashburn GC