Junior Development

NSGA Regional Development Camps

The NSGA Development Camps, in partnership with the NSGA Regional Development Centers, is a province wide initiative focused on identifying and developing Nova Scotia’s next wave of top golfers.

Invited athletes will receive training opportunities, enhanced coaching, sport science support, and a personalized assessments to help them attain their goals for the competitive season and beyond.

Program Areas of Focus

  • Physical training
  • Mental game preparation & goal setting
  • Off season training
  • National Testing Protocols testing
  • Tournament preparation
  • Nutrition – pre & during competition
Long Term Player Development

Golf’s Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) guide encompasses all aspects of athlete progression – from early childhood through to adulthood. The framework is at the core of Golf Canada’s mission to develop players that can compete at the highest level within the sport.

Junior Competitive Pathway

Canada’s Junior Competitive Pathway is a valuable tool to assist players and parents in choosing appropriate competitions for junior aged players based on several factors including age, current tournament handicap and stage of development (based on the Long-Term Player Development Guide for Golf in Canada). The pathway also illustrates what level of PGA of Canada training / certification is recommended for coaching players at the various stages of development.

Below are links and resources addressing important aspects of any young athlete’s development:

Post-Secondary Golf Opportunities

Athletes aspiring to pursue post-secondary opportunities opportunities will find important information on both US and Canadian Collegiate golf including: the application process, admission requirements, training programs and scholarships. Download the powerpoint by clicking here.

Team Canada

While producing some of the best amateur players in the world, the National Team Program provides young players wit the best possible support service in facilitating their development.

For more information on how to make the national team and what it entails, click here.