High Performance

World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR)

The World Amateur Golf Ranking System comprises a men’s ranking and women’s ranking for elite amateur players is offered by the R&A and the USGA as a global service to golf and aims to be the ultimate ranking system for amateur golf.


  • Abbey Baker (Rank: 1001), Heather McLean (Rank: 1606), Kyla McIsaac (Rank: 2558), Mireille Lewis (Rank: 2868)


  • Brett McKinnon (Rank: 809), Owen Mullen (Rank: 896), Isaac MacMaughton (Rank: 2941), Glenn Robinson (Rank: 3186), Colby Bent (Rank: 4156), Teran Newell (Rank: 4316), Bryan Fader (Rank, 4322)

Updated as of Dec 15, 2023

Junior Scoreboard

The Junior Golf Scoreboard is a ranking system that provides tournament information and assess a junior golfer’s playing skills against others across countries. College coaches may use this this tool for recruiting purposes.

Blake Wilson (Rank: 3613), Zachary Gaudet (Rank: 3679), Kooper MacKay (Rank: 5164), Colby Bent (Rank: 6375)

Updated as of Jan 31, 2024