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World Amateur Golf Rankings (WAGR)

The World Amateur Golf Ranking System comprises a men’s ranking and women’s ranking for elite amateur players is offered by the R&A and the USGA as a global service to golf and aims to be the ultimate ranking system for amateur golf.


  • Abbey Baker (Rank: 1136), Heather McLean (Rank: 1787), Kyla McIsaac (Rank: 2631), Mireille Lewis (Rank: 2876)


  • Owen Mullen (Rank: 871), Brett McKinnon (Rank: 11632), Isaac MacNaughton (Rank: 2369), Glenn Robinson (Rank: 3536), Colby Bent (Rank: 4194), Teran Newell (Rank: 4371), Bryan Fader (Rank, 4378)

Updated as of March 20, 2024

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Junior Scoreboard

The Junior Golf Scoreboard is a ranking system that provides tournament information and assess a junior golfer’s playing skills against others across countries. College coaches may use this this tool for recruiting purposes.

Blake Wilson (Rank: 3583), Zachary Gaudet (Rank: 4135), Kooper MacKay (Rank: 4674), Colby Bent (Rank: 6375)

Updated as of March 20, 2024

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Korn Ferry Tour: Myles Creighton

Born and raised in Digby, Myles was drawn to the sport at an early age, honing his skills in Digby, Nova Scotia. His passion for golf led him to pursue higher education, and he enrolled at Radford University.

Before his professional breakthrough, Myles left a mark in the amateur golf scene. In 2017, he claimed victory in the Golf Nova Scotia Men’s Amateur Championship.

Myles secured his spot on the PGA Korn Ferry Tour for the 2024 season. His exceptional performance in the PGA Tour LA placed him within the top 5, earning him the opportunity to compete at in the Korn Ferry Tour in 2024. He was also a proud was a representative of Team Canada in 2023.

Follow Myles Creighton’s journey as he competes on the Korn Ferry Tour and beyond, representing his roots and aspirations with every swing of the club.

Nova Scotia currently has 8 athletes playing golf at the NCAA level in the US. Below is the list of the 8 Nova Scotians and the schools they are attending. Click the link on each person to see more about them and where they are attending.

Current NCAA Nova Scotian Athletes