Canada Games

Niagara 2022 Canada Games

Held once every two years, alternating between winter and summer, the Canada Games represent the highest level of national competition for up and coming Canadian athletes. The Games have been hosted in every province at least once since their inception in Quebec City during Canada’s Centennial in 1967, and feature events for able-bodied athletes as well as athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities.  ‍

The Games are proud of their contribution to Canada’s sport development system in addition to their lasting legacy of sport facilities, community pride and national unity.


The NSGA is thrilled to be involved with the Nova Scotia Golf team selection for the 2022 Canada Games. With all the young talent coming out of our province, it will be a competitive season for team selection. We are confident that Nova Scotia has the potential to do extremely well at the 2022 games.

The NSGA will be using the updated Player of the Year program for the 2022 Canada Games Golf Team selection, combined the athlete eligibility requirements within the 2022 Canada Games – Golf Technical Package.

Team Nova Scotia – Selection Process

April 28, 2022 – Update
Please note that due to some pandemic effects and inconsistencies in the NSGA Player of the Year (POY) process for 2021, the selection process for Team NS has been modified.  The majority of the selection process will be placed on 2022 events, and this is consistent with other provincial golf associations.  Please see these details below. 

Athlete Eligibility

Age classification and Team Nova Scotia eligibility under the 2022 Canada Summer Games technical package are defined as: 

Under the age of 19 as August 1, 2022 Date of Birth: Born on August 2, 2003 or later 

Players must be permanent residents of Nova Scotia (e.g., Main domicile is in Nova Scotia) 

Players must be members in good standing with the Nova Scotia Golf Association 

Players must be amateur golfers (refer to Golf Canada Rules of Amateur Status) 

Excluded from Canada Games are:

Senior National Team members – defines as athletes who have held an SR, SR1, SR2, or C1 card at any time; and/or athletes who are part of (on the roster of) a standing Senior National Team (i.e., recognized as a Senior National Team member regardless of event participation.) 

Athletes who have competed at the following events: 

Senior World Championships

Olympic Games 

Pan-American Games

Athletes who have declared themselves professional. All athletes must meet the eligibility regulations outlined in the CGC’s Eligibility Policy. 

Team Selection

Current Standings

Each provincial team will consist of: 

  1. 1. The NSGA will use the NSGA Player of the Year ranking system to determine the 2022 Canada Games team.  ADDENDUM:  2021 Player of the Year (POY) raking system plus four (4) 2022 tournaments will be used for team selection. 
  1. 2. Team spots will be offered to the top two (2) male competitors, and top two (2) female competitors at the time of team selection (post 2022 NextGen Atlantic Championship or two weeks prior to the games – whichever comes first) ADDENDUM:  Team NS will be finalized July 14/22, at the completion of the 2022 NextGen Atlantic Championship. 
  1. 3. If a competitor refuses a team spot, it will be awarded to the next competitor in the POY rankings. ADDENDUM:  A replacement player, if required, will be awarded to the next highest ranked player from the revised selection process. 
  1. 4. A maximum of ten (10) tournaments from the period of April 15, 2021 to the end of 2022 Atlantic NextGen Championship, or two weeks prior to the games (whichever comes first), will be tallied. ADDENDUM:  The ranking process will be as follows: 

1. 10% of 2021 POY Points Total 

2. Placement in MJT Tournament – KenWo CC – May 14/15

3. Placement in MJT Tournament – Chester GC – May 28/29 

4. Placement in the NSGA Junior Girls/Boys Championship – River Hills GC – July 4-6 

5. Placement in the 2022 NextGen Atlantic Championship – Antigonish GCC – July 12-14 

  1. 5. A player may play in more than ten (10) eligible POY events, but only their best ten (10) finishes will count for points. ADDENDUM:  Not applicable. 
  1. 6. In order to be eligible for team selection, player MUST compete in the 2022 NSGA Boys & Girls Championship & the 2022 Next GEN Atlantic Championship (if scheduled prior to team selection deadline). ADDENDUM:  In order to be eligible for team selection, a competitor: 

1. Must compete in: At least one of the two MJT Tournaments, The NSGA Junior Girls/Boys Championship, and The 2022 NextGen Atlantic Championship 

2. Must play from the U15/U17/U19 tees within the above events 


2022 Tournaments Point Allocation

If you have any questions about the games and team selection, please contact NSGA Technical Director, Sara Wilson.

Best of luck to all Juniors competing for a Canada Games team spot.