Baker, Seaman, & Parkash representing Nova Scotia at the 2023 Canadian Junior Girls Championship in Hampton, New Brunswick

Abbey Baker, Olivia Seaman, and Annika Parkash are the talented trio representing Nova Scotia at the Canadian Junior Girls Championship. These three exceptional young golfers demonstrated their skills and determination at the Nova Scotia Junior Championship, where they finished in the top 3, securing their well-deserved spots to compete at the national level. Their outstanding performances showcased their ability to rise to the occasion and excel under pressure, earning them the opportunity to represent their province. As they prepare to compete against the nation’s best junior golfers, the trio of Abbey, Olivia, and Annika brings with them a wealth of talent, promising to make Nova Scotia proud with their display of skill, sportsmanship, and unwavering passion for the sport of golf. Other Nova Scotians are also competing this week at the Canadian Junior Girls Championship including Claira Frizzell, Taylor Wilson, Jadian Eisenhauer, and Kate Pemberton. Best of luck girls, make Nova Scotia proud!

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Inter-Provincial Championship: 3rd Place

A historic achievement for Nova Scotia’s Junior Girls golf, Team Nova Scotia secured 3rd place in the Inter-Provincial Championship of the Canadian Junior Girls Championship, marking their best finish ever for Junior Girls Team Nova Scotia.

Abbey Baker, Annika Parkash, and Olivia Seaman showcased exceptional skill and determination throughout rounds 1 and 2. The girls finished with a team score of +21 to secure 3rd place.

This achievement not only highlights the rising talent in Nova Scotia but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring golfers throughout the province.

A huge thank you to Sara Wilson, as she travelled with the team to Nationals as a Coach and mentor to the girls!

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Abbey Baker

Round 1: 72 (+1)

Round 2: 77 (+6)

Round 3: 74 (+3)

Round 4: 75 (+4)

Total: +14

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Olivia Seaman

Round 1: 79 (+8)

Round 2: 79 (+8)

Round 3: 83 (+12)

Round 4: 86 (+15)

Total: +43

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Annika Parkash

Round 1: 80 (+9)

Round 2: 77 (+6)

Round 3: 78 (+7)

Round 4: 78 (+7)

Total: +29

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Additional Nova Scotians in the Field

Claira Frizzell: Round 2 – 90 (+36 Total) Missed Cut

Taylor Wilson: Round 2 – 90 (+47 Total) Missed Cut

Jadian Eisenhauer: Round 2 – 87 (+37 Total) Missed Cut

Kate Pemberton: Round 2 – 86 (+29 Total) Missed Cut