Mullen & Baker headed to National Team Selection Camp

Two of Nova Scotia’s top junior golfers have been selected to take part in Golf Canada’s National Junior Squad Selection Camp this week at Bear Mountain Resort in Victoria, B.C.

Truro Golf Club member, and University of Notre Dame recruit, Owen Mullen and fifteen-year-old Abbey Baker of Ashburn Golf Club will go head-to-head against the best of their peers from across the country to try and earn a spot on Team Canada for the 2021-2022 season.

Golf Canada stated: Due to the effect of COVID-19 on the 2020 competitive season, the process of selection for the 2021 Squads based on previously posted Selection Criteria is not feasible. As a result, Golf Canada coaching staff will be conducting a Selection Camp whereby athletes are invited to attend and compete for spots on the Squads through a series of objective testing protocols assessing skill and a 54-hole head-to-head tournament.

Following the Camp, Golf Canada’s selection committee will use the results from the Camp assessments, along with supplementary information (2019/2020 results), to select the additional players.

The Camp will take place from October 14-18, 2020. Best of luck to both athletes! All of Nova Scotia is rooting for you!

2021 Junior Team Selection Camp
Player Invitations
(in alphabetical order)

Abbey Baker (NS)
Katie Cranston (ON)
Nicole Gal (ON)
Sarah Gallagher (ON)
Jennifer Gu (BC)
Taylor Kehoe (ON)
Lauren Kim (BC)
Anne-Léa Lavoie (QC)
Erin Lee (BC)
Michelle Liu (BC)
Luna Lu (BC)
Brooke Rivers (ON)
Lydia St-Pierre (QC)
Victoria Zheng (ON)
William Bishop (BC)
Félix Bouchard (QC)
Luke DelGobbo (ON)
Cooper Humphries (BC)
Braxton Kuntz (MB)
Thomas Latter (ON)
Tommy McKenzie (AB)
Ashton McCulloch (ON)
Owen Mullen (NS)
Nolan Piazza (ON)
Bavake Sihota (ON)
Jeevan Sihota (BC)
Hunter Thomson (AB)