The inaugural Golf Nova Scotia Junior Invitational Tour presented by Jaguar Land Rover Halifax is in the books!

The Golf Nova Scotia Junior Invitational Tour, established in 2023, has blossomed into a dynamic platform that not only kindles the golfing spark in young talents but also fosters camaraderie, competitive spirit, and a deep appreciation for the game. In 2023, 12 events were played around the province with 558 total participants in all events. A Tour Order of Merit was developed to engage the juniors and collect results. A banquet to celebrate the participants will be held this fall.  

What is the Junior Invitational Tour?

The Junior Invitational Golf Tour, Nova Scotia’s golfing gem, emerged in 2023 with a singular purpose: to offer budding junior golfers an avenue to play, gain invaluable competitive experience, grasp the intricacies of golf, and make lasting friendships along the way. At its core, this tour is an inclusive, nurturing environment where young golf enthusiasts between the ages of 10-18 find their footing in the world of tournament golf. 

This tour revolves around One Day-18 hole tournaments across the Province, crafted to serve as an introduction to competitive golf, but gives young golfers a chance to experience the fun of playing other golf courses and meeting new friends. These tournaments cater to junior players across all skill levels, the skill spectrum, from beginners taking their first swings to those already carving their paths in the sport. Here, they refine their golfing prowess, develop resilience, learn about the rules, and develop long-lasting friendships. 

For many of these young golfers, the Junior Invitational Tour is their inaugural brush with competitive golf. The organizers understand the importance of cultivating a welcoming and supportive atmosphere where these juniors can flourish. This environment allows them to not only enhance their golfing skills but also to nurture the mental fortitude required to perform under pressure all while having fun at the same time. 

Participants of the tour will have their tournament results put into a season order of merit points system, where players will be ranked based on the participant’s best 4 placements (points) out of all the events in the tournament.

2023 Junior Invitational Tour

The 2023 Nova Scotia Junior Invitational Tour proved to be an astounding success in its very first year, which had a lineup of 12 exciting events! The tour attracted a remarkable turnout, drawing in over 100 different talented participants across multiple events. This remarkable feat not only showcased the thriving golfing community in Nova Scotia but also underscored the tour’s commitment to nurturing young talent and fostering a vibrant culture of junior golf in Nova Scotia.


The Golf Nova Scotia Junior Invitational Tour results have been finalized and can be found by clicking here. Congratulations to all the champions of each event, as well as to all of the juniors who played in the events this season.

How can Juniors and Parents get involved?

Juniors are able to join the tour by being signed up to participate in any of the invitationals within the tour in Nova Scotia. Once a junior is registered for at least one event, they are automatically registered into the Golf NS Junior Invitational Tour. To learn more about the tour and how to get involved click here.

How Can Clubs Get Involved?

The Junior Invitational Tour’s success lies in the active participation of golf clubs across Nova Scotia. Clubs are not just venues but integral partners in nurturing the golfing talent of tomorrow. So, how can clubs get involved?

First and foremost, clubs can host One-Day Junior Invitationals at their courses. These events serve as an excellent way to expose young golfers to the excitement of competitive play while experiencing new golf courses. Hosting such an event not only promotes the sport within the club but also fosters a sense of community and shared enthusiasm among members.

Additionally, clubs are encouraged to sign up for the 2024 Tour. By joining the tour, clubs demonstrate their commitment to the growth and development of junior golfers in Nova Scotia. Email Sara Wilson if your club is interested in joining the 2024 Season.

In conclusion, the Golf Nova Scotia Junior Invitational Tour isn’t just about tournaments and trophies; it’s about building character, forging friendships, and instilling a lifelong passion for golf in the hearts of young golfers.

Thank you Jaguar Land Rover Halifax!

We extend our sincere thanks to Jaguar Land Rover Halifax for their generous sponsorship of the Golf Nova Scotia Junior Invitational Tour. Their support has been instrumental in creating opportunities for our young golfers to excel and develop their skills on the course. This partnership exemplifies their commitment to fostering talent and promoting sportsmanship within our community. We are truly appreciative of their dedication to the growth of junior golf in Nova Scotia, and we look forward to a bright future for the sport.


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