Upcoming NSGA Rules Seminar Schedule

The NSGA will be traveling to member clubs to introduce the 2019 Rules of Golf. Presentations will review the old rules, and examine the new changes for the coming years. They will focus on how to understand and implement the rules from a player perspective. Attendance at the Level 1 presentations are open to ANY Golf Canada member (unless otherwise specified). The NSGA will also be conducting a Level II seminar on April 26-28 at the Glen Arbour Golf Club.

Please see times for scheduled club seminars. If you wish to attend any of the seminars below, please contact the host club.

Level 1 Seminar Schedule:

Level 1 – Online Certification: Free to all NSGA Members

Level 1 provides an interesting and easy way to learn the basics of the Rules of Golf. This level will focus on etiquette, the principle definitions and commonly encountered situations on the course.

As part of the Level 1 program, students will be able to test their knowledge by taking the review questions at the end of each section before attempting the online Level 1 exam. This exam is not mandatory, and will NOT take place during the NSGA presentations. But as a member of Golf Canada, and the NSGA, you can register for the level 1 exam at any time, free of charge.

CLICK HERE to register for the level 1 online rules exam.

Note: When you register to participate in The R&A’s Rules Academy via https://www.randa.org/en/RulesAcademy, they will be sharing your contact details and other relevant information, including exam results, with Golf Canada. We may use your contact details to contact you about rules schools, golf education, volunteering opportunities and golf events. We will be using this information to promote and develop the sport of golf in Canada. For more information about how we may use and protect your personal information, please see our privacy policy by  clicking here

Level 2 NSGA Seminar – Provincial Certification ($75 for NSGA Members)

Level 2 (Provincial Certification) is a 2-day seminar conducted by provincial golf associations. This curriculum will look at the more important playing Rules in detail. Some of the complexities that are found in the Interpretations guide book are introduced, as well as executing on-course demonstrations. Level 2 (Provincial) is designed for those individuals with an involvement in tournament administration, or who may be interested in rules officiating.

Level 2 Seminar Schedule:

To register, and for more information on the Level 2 Rules Seminar, please CLICK HERE

For more information please see the Rule & Education page on the NSGA website, or contact the Anne at anne@nsga.ns.ca or 902-468-8844 ext. 2