NSGA Player of the Year

The Nova Scotia Golf Association (NSGA) Player of the Year is used to identify and give recognition to top-performing male and female amateur golfers in Nova Scotia who have achieved success in the golf season. A point system is used based on tournament scores and results of the players in the approved tournaments to objectively rank each individuals performance. The goal of the NSGA Player of the Year is to provide an objective national comparison and ranking system for Nova Scotia’s top male and female amateur players that will enable players to compare themselves to their counterparts across the province.

Player of the Year Awards:

The NSGA Player of the Year awards will be given to the following divisions:

  • Senior Men’s (50+)
  • Senior Women’s (55+)
  • Amateur Men’s
  • Amateur Women’s
  • Junior Boys (U19)
  • Junior Girls (U19)
  • Juvenile Boys (U17)
  • Juvenile Girls (U17)
  • Bantam Boys (U15)
  • Bantam Girls (U15)

Event Point Allocation:

  • Championships listed on their respective NSGA Competitions pages, and the Golf Canada Order of Merit (excluding University competitions and Club Championships) will be recognized by the NSGA Player of the Year.
  • All events on the Golf Canada Order of Merit will be given the same point value as the OOM. For the complete list of Golf Canada OOM events, click here.
  • All MID- Amateur and Senior events will be allocated the same points as their respective Amateur events. (e.g. NSGA Men’s Senior will be valued the same as the NSGA Men’s Amateur.)
  • Club events not recognized by the Golf Canada OOM, will have a starting value of 500 points. The NSGA Player of the Year point allocation grid used to administer points will be dependant on field size. 

Age Categories:

  • Competitors playing in a different age divisions than their actual division (e.g. juniors competing in amateur events), points earned will be allocated towards the NSGA Player of the Year standings in which the tournament is designated.
  • Pee-Wee’s (U13) and divisions playing a “short course” (e.g. under 5000 yards) will not be eligible for NSGA Player of the Year points.
  • Bantam divisions playing a shorter yardage will receive a deducted point value for each event (200 max value). The point allocation grid used to administer points will also be dependant on field size.

Breaking of Ties:

  • If two or more players tie for a position, other than first place, the points will be shared. For example: two players tied for 2nd will share the average of 2nd and 3rd place points.
  • If there is a tie for first place, and a playoff is NOT completed, retrogression will determine who is awarded first place points. If a playoff is completed, the winner of the playoff will be awarded first place points.

Junior Quota Spot Allocation:

  • Junior team selection will be based on the results of the respective Provincial Championship: The top 3 competitors will comprise the team. Any and all remaining quota spots will be allocated based on the Player of the Year Rankings.
  • To be eligible for a quota spot, competitors MUST play in their respective Provincial Championship and the NextGen Atlantic Championship.

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NSGA POY Current Standings

Upon completion of POY tournaments, club and tournament officials are responsible for submitting results to the NSGA office. Junior championships and club competitions taking place prior to the respective NSGA Championship MUST be submitted before the end of the Junior Provincial Championship. Championships or club events taking place after the respective NSGA Championship, results must be submitted prior to August 31 of the current season.

Absolutely no net scores will be accepted. All results must be overall gross scores and not allocated in divisions.

Senior Men’s Player of the Year

Amateur Men’s Player of the Year

Junior Boys Player of the Year

Senior Women’s Player of the Year

Amateur Women’s Player of the Year

Junior Girls Player of the Year