2020 NSGA Player of the Year – Update

Over the winter months, the NSGA Player Development Committee sat down, and developed a new and improved Player of the Year system. In the past, there were often discrepancies between our system and Golf Canada’s Order of Merit, and we felt the two systems needed to be more aligned, while still recognizing club level competitions.The Nova Scotia Golf Association (NSGA) Player of the Year (POY) is used to identify and give recognition to top-performing male and female amateur golfers in Nova Scotia who have achieved success in the golf season. A point system is used based on tournament scores and results of the players in the approved tournaments to objectively rank each individuals performance. The goal of the NSGA Player of the Year is to provide an objective national comparison and ranking system for Nova Scotia’s top male and female amateur players that will enable players to compare themselves to their counterparts across the province.

The new POY system will include all events on Golf Canada OOM tournament list (excluding university events), with the same starting point value and using the same point distribution charts. Club competitions now have a starting value of 500 points, and all individual stroke play events listed on the NSGA Competitions pages will be included in the POY. Included in the changes, the new POY system now takes into account field size.

Along with the updates stated above, we changed a few of the award categories as well. On both the men’s and women’s side, we’ve added separate Senior Player of the Year awards, and eliminated the Junior Zone awards.

The awards for Player of the Year are now as follows:


These changes better align the POY Awards with our Championships, and allows us to award more individuals, across all age categories.

For the complete changes to the POY system and more information, please see the links below:

Player of the Year – Results Submission

Any individual stroke play event is eligible for NSGA Player of the Year points. To submit the results for a NSGA Player of the Year event, clubs MUST provide the following formation via google docs, results website, excel spreadsheet, or scanned document:

  1. Date
  2. Host Club
  3. Tournament Name
  4. Field Size
  5. Divisions (only divisions eligible for awards, listed above)
  6. Yardages for per division
  7. Complete tournament results – overall gross scores only (do not separate into handicap divisions)

Submit complete total gross scores via e-mail to anne@nsga.ns.ca

Please note: We are now requiring COMPLETE results, not just top 10. We are allocating points based on field size. Please refer to Point Allocation Gird to determine results required. if any required information is missing from the results submissions, they will be deemed incomplete. Points will not be distributed until the missing information is provided.